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UPS Installations

UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supplies

We want to supply you with the best equipment that will last and give you value and savings,
while protecting you from Power Faults over the coming years.

WARNING - The wrong UPS can be more devastating than no UPS WIDTH=166 HEIGHT=96 HSPACE= WARNING click here for questionaire OUR FIRST FREE SITE VISIT can resolve all your problems: Logistics - Cable Size - Power Distribution

It is important to select the right UPS to match your requirements.

Fax, phone or email completed questionnaire to UPS Installations and we will recommend
the right Uninterrupted Power Supply solution to meet your requirements.

Double conversion ONLINE UPS units do not have a break in power when mains fail, (no switchover loss), or when extra start up load is required (Power Up Monitors). They give good clean power all the time.

Personal Installation Service & Reconditioned Units Available

We also supply and install GENERATORS for total independent power.

Quality protection for computer, industrial, medical, telecoms and transport. UPS Installations are the main distributor of Riello Power Supply solutions in Ireland. more info

EDT Elite

GUARD SERIES more info

Inbuilt voltage regulator and auto shutdown software to ensure your computer logs off and shuts down in the proper way

UPSMON™ more info

UPS Power Management Software:
We've made network power management easy and affordable.



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